Hi there! I’m Sam Vanbelle an editorial and commercial illustrator with a heart for social design. I translate complex ideas into simple and clever illustrations. My studio is in Antwerp, Belgium and I work for clients near and far. Take a look around 👀


City of Sint-Niklaas

The city of Sint-Niklaas asked me to draw a bunch of people for their communications about LGBTQIA+ topics. ‘Everybody should feel included!’ Hope so. 


Pride Stars

Cover image for Adweek, the Pride Month edition ’22. We’re stronger together! And don’t forget to throw some bricks, right? 🤜

My Body

De Standaard Der Letteren

Personal piece for De Standaard. Are we our body? How does our body defines us. How do social norms limit our possibilities and dreams. Can we expand these limits by dreaming fearlessly? Do we dare to redefine and reshape our body and ideas?



A slightly cheesy peak into a day filled with small stuff that makes me happy: spending time with our kid Bruna, working out, reading, closing the day of with my lovely Tessa. Surounded by nice stuff and good bread made by friends 👌